Speech Contest about Samaeul Spirit
Speech Contest about Samaeul Spirit
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A speech contest dealing with the Samaeul Spirit will be held in order to commemorate the fact that the Samaeul Movement has been registered as a Unesco Memory of the World. It was recognized as a model for economic development, and it was registered in June 2013. This contest is being sponsored by Daegu Dong-gu Metropolitan City and the Park Chung Hee leadership research institute at YU. The Global Saemaeul School will host the event and it will be held on the 13th of October at 10:00 a.m. on a special stage of the Daegu Dong-gu lifelong education festival. The topic of the contest is “the Development of Korea and the Samaeul Movement,” and “the Samaeul Spirit.” Everyone can visit the stage, listen to the speeches of the participants, and increase their understanding of the Saemaeul Movement and its spirit. You can also learn about the rapid development of the Korean economy, and discuss the value of the Saemaeul Movement.

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