The 22nd World Energy Congress will be Held in Daegu
The 22nd World Energy Congress will be Held in Daegu
  • ju sung park
  • 승인 2013.10.02 21:30
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The World Energy Congress also known as “The Olympics of the Energy Field” will be held from October 13th to the 17th at Daegu EXCO. The 22nd World Energy Congress will discuss the “Energy Trilemma” which includes the three issues of energy security, societal balance, and minimizing the environmental impact of energy production. The theme of the event is “Securing Tomorrow’s Energy Today.” Korea is the third Asian country to host this event after India and Japan. The World Energy Congress was established from the “Sustainable Energy for All” initiative created by the UN. Five thousand participants including government officials, business leaders, and other delegates from more than 100 countries will attend the event. Energy policy is one of the most serious issues facing the world today and discussions on sustainable energy development should be taken seriously.

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