Global Warming or Glacial Epoch. What Is the Truth?
Global Warming or Glacial Epoch. What Is the Truth?
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The U.S space agency NASA released Arctic pictures that make a comparison between August 2012 and August 2013. According to NASA, North Pole glacial areas have increased 60 percent from last year. The area is equivalent to half the size of the European Continent. To date, a large number of scientists have made the prediction that the global average temperature will rise and melt the polar ice caps. On the other hand, these images have rekindled the debate about the melting of the Arctic ice. As a result, the mini-ice age hypothesis has come to the fore. The global warming theory has lost some of its theoretical validity. However, we must not make any rash judgments because there are pros and cons to both theories which have led to heated arguments among scientists. If the mini-ice age theory is correct then the world cannot avoid a change in existing enviro-politics related to global warming.

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