The Successful Result of Sharing Talent and Passion at YU
The Successful Result of Sharing Talent and Passion at YU
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Nowadays university students are making contributions through talent donation activities that show the special quality of their abillities. These activities are available at YU. Earlier this year, the “Run to U Culture School” provided a variety of lectures. It is especially worthy of notice that talent donation made by enrolled students is happening for the first time at universities in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do. We decided to check on the future of the program with the General Students’ Association by listening to the experiences of instructors and students involved in the Run to U Culture School.

Introducing Run to U Culture School
The Run to U Culture School provides cultural lectures with talented students as instructors. This allows them to donate their talent to other students. The purpose of this program is to help students find constructive hobbies and to promote friendships between students outside of their majors. The program offered 9 lectures when it opened for the first time. Sixty-one students enrolled for the first session which means that there are small class sizes. The school runs for a six week period with a break for midterm examinations. Earlier this year, when a student clicked on the Run to U Culture School banner:, they could apply to comment in lecture writing. The lecture fee is 10,000 won per lecture, and the fee is paid to the instructor. The second term of the Run to U Culture School will open in mid-September 2013.

Interview with Sang-yeop Kim, Senior, Law, Magic lecture
Sang-yeop Kim, who was interested in magic, saw a Run to U Culture School promotional leaflet on the free bulletin board. He noticed that they offered a magic lecture, so he instantly signed up for the class. He was satisfied with the magic lectures that taught him many things. However, he said that the class fizzled out after midterm examinations. He was dissatisfied with this situation, so he thinks that the General Students’ Association should more concern about class management. Moreover, he said that a larger variety of classes should be opened by seeking students’ participation who have hidden or special talents at YU.

Interview with Dong-yeop Shin, Sophomore
International Economics & Business, Instructor, Dance lecture
Q) Why did you apply to be an instructor in this field?
A) I decided to go on a diet to change my appearance after the college scholastic aptitude test. While I considered which exercise would be good for losing weight, I realized that aerobics is a good method. I lost 10kg in a month by doing aerobics and following a healthy diet. Therefore, I became more and more interested in aerobics. I wanted to share my secret method.
A) I made my curriculum so it would be easy to follow and I soon decided to name my dance lecture, “19 and over(easy to learn) dance.” At first, I taught broadcasting diet dance which is more complicated than Gangnam Style.

Q) What was a good or memorable event during this class?
A) The students were active because they took this class. We did diet dance and ate sam guyp sal. This is what I remember most about this class. We rationalized that we would dance harder next class while we ate.

Q) What do you think about the direction of the Run to U Culture School?
A) I hope more and more students with diverse talents will sign on to be instructors. In addition, I tend a campus vegetable garden at YU, so I hope the General Students’ Association will support an eco-festival like a farmer's market or tend a vegetable garden with other students on campus.

Interview with Seung-hyun Yeo
Chairman of policy, the General Students’ Association
Mr. Yeo usually thinks about things to do for students who spend all day at school. It is reflected in one of the 46 pledges that have been put up by the General Students’ Association for the beginning of this term. He replied that he thinks that the Run to U Culture School has achieved about 80% of its stated goals. He is disappointed that classes had a low attendance rate after midterm examinations. In addition, he said that one way that the Run to U Culture School could improve is that many students should try to be on time for class meetings. He anticipates that the overall operation method of the second term will be similar to the first. However, he also said that the General Students’ Association will try to qualitatively improve classes to stimulate communication between instructors and the General Students’ Association.

t is not easy to teach eclectic subjects. However, it is a unique aspect of university culture that allows students to learn and promote friendships through talent donation. Due to this point the Run to U Culture School should be looked at as a successful venture because the Run to U Culture School offers unique lectures and most students who participated are satisfied with the offerings. For the second term, we hope that more students will take full advantage of the opportunity to learn new skills and make new friends.

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