Dok-do Museum Traveling Exhibit at Yeungnam University Museum
Dok-do Museum Traveling Exhibit at Yeungnam University Museum
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The Ulleung-do Dok-do Museum will come to Yeungnam University Museum’s second floor art space in September. The Dok-do Museum traveling exhibit in the form of a visiting museum is an exhibit from the Dok-do Museum collections that cannot be seen easily due to geographical conditions. The traveling exhibit will travel in order from Chonbuk National Universitiy, to Yeungnam University, and then to Kangwon National University. YU will display the Dok-do Museum traveling exhibit which is belong to 23 map pieces and 15 photo displays which prove that Dok-do is Korea’s territory. Moreover, admission is free for everyone. The traveling exhibit will be on display from September 12 to October 11. This exhibit can be an opportunity to better understand why Dok-do is Korea’s territory through the presentation of specific data.

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