Increasing Tension by Japan’s Conservative Swing
Increasing Tension by Japan’s Conservative Swing
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Tension is building up between neighboring countries in East Asia. That is why Japan’s Abe government has started to implement more conservative policies. The impetus of this policy change comes from the fact that Liberal Democratic Party holds a majority in the Japanese Nation Assembly. Their control of the Assembly is due to the high approval rating that is a result of the success of Abe’s economy policies. The conservative shift is centered on reforming the Pacific Constitution. These measures will be voted on in the National Assembly on September 12th of this year. If passed, Japan would be able to have an actual army and not just a Self-Defense Force. Worldwide media including the BBC and the Washington Post have reported that Japan’s action has intensified the conflict between neighboring countries. Furthermore, the nations close to Japan are sensitive to this issue because of Japan’s horrible conduct during World War II that resulted from its aggressive nationalism.

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