Giant Portal Regulation Is Submitted to the National Assembly
Giant Portal Regulation Is Submitted to the National Assembly
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Giant portal regulations will be submitted to the National Assembly in September. Currently, Naver holds a monopolistic position in this industry. This puts them in a position to control news consumption by only using content from affiliated newspaper companies on their site. Naver also hinders the internet market by increasing outlays for advertisement unilaterally. Naver also diversifies its business recklessly by copying the technology of small businesses and offering similar services like the Naver app “Wanna B!” which copies fashion information app “Style Share.” Naver recognized this problem and released a coexistence development plan on July 29. However this plan still falls short of fixing the situation. Therefore, the Saenuri Party organized a giant portal task force and they will attempt to implement a giant portal reform bill which will help smaller businesses. However, this passive plan cannot avoid reverse discrimination to giant portals. Therefore, giant portals must discuss and cooperate with coexistence plans for small businesses.

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