Saturday Art Market on Beom-eo Art Street
Saturday Art Market on Beom-eo Art Street
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The Beom-eo art market is located at the Beom-eo Line 2 subway station. It is called Beom-eo art street. The Daegu Foundation of Arts and Culture will host this market, and it will open every Saturday from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in September. Beom-eo art street supports local artists. In order to reach out to Daegu citizens, there is an art culture information and education center, and an art wall gallery. It will also hold concerts, and exhibitions. Citizens can enjoy the art market by buying the works of art and by participating in the art experience program. Many people applied to be salespeople for this event, and those who were selected will sell things like bangles, fans, and paintings made by the artists themselves. Many people can raise their sense of art through this art market instead of staying at home on Saturdays.

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