Movies that Move You
Movies that Move You
  • Partho Sarothi Roy
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Flight-healing from addiction
Human beings can come back to a normal life from any difficult situation. “Flight” is not the most compelling portrait of addiction, but it’s a satisfactory one. Flight is an American film based on an airline flight that crashes and an alcoholic who fatefully finds himself at the controls. Captain Whip is the only man in the world who could have landed the out-of-control plane with a minimal loss of life. One morning, Whip is woken up by a phone call after a night of sex, heavy drinking and only a little sleep. He is told that he has to pilot a passenger flight. He uses cocaine to wake up on that rainy morning. The flight takes off successfully after a little turbulence and Whip falls asleep in his pilot seat after drinking alcohol again during the flight. Due to a mechanical fault in the system the flight suddenly loses altitude and Whip is shaken awake. The plane is going down, and in this situation, he inverts the plane and instead of crashing he is able to land the flight in an open farm field. Afterward an investigation is carried out and the crash is ruled to be caused entirely due to mechanical failure. During the investigation, Whip’s friend requests that he stay sober before the hearing. After miraculously saving an entire plane from going down and almost all of the passengers’ lives, Whip realizes that he needs to stop drinking in order to clear his name of any possible charges. Although he tries to stop himself he gets drunk again the night before the hearing. As before, he uses cocaine to revive himself before the hearing. During the hearing Captain Whip suddenly changes his mind and rather than lying he admits that he was drunk that day and that he was drunk during the flight.
Flight spends a good portion of its running time going back and forth with Whip as he battles his alcoholism. In the movie Captain Whip also met with two addicted people other than his friends and they are also trying to get back to a normal life. Thirteen months later, Whip tells a group of fellow prisoners his entire story in a rehab center. Now finally he feels free because he told the true story at the hearing and he is glad to be sober. At last, Whip’s son comes to meet him. His son always hated him and he used to insult his alcoholic father. Flight shows that we can come back from the worst situations in life. We just need to show some patience and figure out what we really need to make ourselves whole. In many cases like Whip, the answer is to find inner peace, but most people have their own road to travel in order to find true happiness.

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