Cleaners Have Been Striking in Order to Survive
Cleaners Have Been Striking in Order to Survive
  • Yi Young jun
  • 승인 2013.09.02 21:01
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Since July 26th, Yeungnam University cleaners have been on strike because of job security. The principle reason why they are on strike is that they received unfair notice of the cancellation of their contract. They had been on a one-year contract, and they had followed the 67 age-limit law. However, the cleaning service company gave notice to them about the reduction in the size of their contract or the revocation of their contract based on negative performance appraisals. However, the cleaners insist that even if they continued to work from dawn to dusk, they are not evaluated objectively. On the other hand, the company explained that performance appraisals are based on service behavior. Furthermore, it is very hard to accommodate all of the workers’ demands. In addition, YU stated that they simply contracted the service company so the details of this disagreement are between the company and its employees. The company needs to improve their performance appraisal processes more objectively, and YU cannot assume the attitude of an unaffected onlooker. As a result all of them have to move forward and compromise in order to remedy the state of things.

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