Where Can People Buy Their Way Out of Military Service?
Where Can People Buy Their Way Out of Military Service?
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In May 2013, the Republic of Peru reintroduced the conscription system which they abolished in 1998. Peru is deeply concerned by the fact that they will be short about 30,000 new recruits this year. They declared that they will choose draftees by lot for those between the ages of 18 to 25. The draftees will serve in the military for 2 years, but those with children or university students will be excluded. A real issue is that there is a clause in the new law that allows draftees to avoid service by paying a 700 dollar fee. This has drawn a great deal of criticism in that it unfairly burdens obligatory military service onto poor people because 30 percent of the people in Peru suffer from extreme poverty. Even though 700 dollars does not seem like a huge sum of money, it is nearly impossible for the lower classes to pay that amount. The Peruvian government has countered these criticisms by stating that poor draftees will receive benefits for their future like vocational training and improvement of skills in the army.

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