You Can Enjoy “Kakao Talk PC” Online
You Can Enjoy “Kakao Talk PC” Online
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In May 2013, Kakao, the mobile social platform, will unveil the PC version of “Kakao Talk.” Kakao Talk PC is made for people who do not use cell phones or spend a lot of time in front of their PC, and it can be a part of a supplementary service for their convenience. Kakao Talk PC will be released after a thorough test period. Beta testers who were selected through competition rated the service from 10 to 21. Above all, it provides core chatting functions like a friends list, and a badge that indicates if messages have been read. The best feature is that users can frequently check on chats with others through their mobile phones as well as their PC because the two are networked. Also, it is worthy of attention that Kakao has broadened its scope from mobile service to PCs like many other services. It is a great asset that more than 35 million Kakao Talk users in the country may naturally move to the PC version. Existing messenger companies are nervous because they expect Kakao Talk PC will cause a ripple effect in the messenger market.

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