Solar Plane Flies in the Continental U.S.
Solar Plane Flies in the Continental U.S.
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The solar plane, “Solar Impulse,” which was made by a Swiss technical team, took flight in the continental U.S. on May 1st, 2013. Solar Impulse is powered by 12,000 solar panels that are installed on large wings that are nearly 63 meters long and can fly day or night. In the beginning of this month this plane departed from NASA in San Francisco and it will complete its journey at New York’s JFK airport in early July. Along the way it will fly through Arizona, Texas, and Washington. It will stay 7 to 10 days at the major airports of each city before leaving for its next destination. The pilots will introduce Solar Impulse to reporters, students, engineers, and fans in each city and have Q & A sessions about the plane. In the future, the technology represented in this plane could help us to combine renewable energy technology with aeronautical technology.

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