Movies that Move You
Movies that Move You
  • Wan-Jing Zhang
  • 승인 2013.05.14 19:59
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Hear Me

During a recent period of inactivity, I wanted to get some spiritual sustenance which led me to a movie called, “Hear Me.” This is not a well known movie. It is from Taiwan, and it is about two sisters who have a beautiful understanding of each other. They are both deaf. They chase their dreams together without any spoken communication. I heard about and appreciated this movie a long time ago, but I just never seemed to be in the right mood to see it. When I finally watched this movie, I realized it was worth it.The story starts with an encounter between a normal boy, Tian who sells lunch boxes, and a girl Yang who is hearing impaired along with her sister Peng. In order to support her elder sister Peng to participate in the Paralympic Games which are held every four years, Yang sustains great responsibility. In Peng’s eyes, Yang is full of sacrifices, and she hopes Yang will have her own dream and her own life. I appreciate Peng’s positive attitude towards life, her disability made her life more difficult than the average person, but she is constantly trying to prove that she has power to make her dream come true. She likes Yang’s company, but she is more eager to see Yang have a better life. This showed me that deaf people aren’t different after all. They want the same things as anyone else. When the sisters quarreled I was very shocked by their sign language. “Hear Me” is based on a silent world. The majority of the movie doesn’t require sound. Tian and Yang find their own way to communicate, and their shared expressions give an insight to what love really means. After watching this movie, I suddenly really wanted to find a day to spend with another person, and turn off the music, close our ears, and remove all sound. I wanted to open my heart and try to understand the world without saying anything. There is no difference between deaf people and people who can hear. We just have different ways of interacting with the world.

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