Movies that Move You
Movies that Move You
  • Da-Som Park
  • 승인 2013.05.14 19:57
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Warm Bodies
I had anticipated this movie before it was released because I like the actor Nicholas Hoult and the story about a zombie that falls in love with a girl is deeply impressive. Therefore, I decided to see “Warm Bodies.” I don’t usually like horror movies, but this movie was not awful. I think other people who are usually turned off by zombie movies can enjoy this movie. Zombie movies are usually scary and creepy. However, my first impression of the main character “R” was nice. I always think of zombies as dirty and terrible things before. However, he broke that stereotype. The beginning of the story is also romantic. In this story, “R” tries to protect his human girlfriend. I feel he is devoted to her. As the movie went on I started to feel bored. Although the love story between a zombie and a human was interesting enough to hold my attention, the situations were often childish and some scenes were simply impossible. In the middle of the movie, I even fell asleep. At that time, I made an effort to stay awake and finish the movie because I paid my money and committed my time. The ending is also bad. “R” turns into a human because of love and finally gets his love. Other zombies also feel love thereby they heal themselves and they live with people peacefully. I think it is an absurd story. The movie doesn’t give a complete conclusion such as “How humans and zombies can live together without conflict” either. The end of the movie is too hasty and ambiguous. It seems like they didn’t know how to end the movie so they just made a happy ending anyway. No matter how wonderful the main character is the story of the movie is too slack. I was so disappointed. However, I learned one lesson and that is, never choose a movie based on the appearence of one actor or actress you like.

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