“People’s Job Happiness Roadmap” Is Coming
“People’s Job Happiness Roadmap” Is Coming
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In May 2013, the government will release a People’s Job Happiness Roadmap. This roadmap will deal with increasing the job market by 70% and creating 2,380,000 jobs by 2017 which is cooincides with the end of President Park’s term. It will also seek to raise female employment from 53.5% to 61.9% by 2017. The government will create 1,650,000 jobs for women. Additionally, this plan will block career discontinuity for women due to pregnancy, childbirth and infant care. It will expand maternity leave to include children up to the 3rd grade of elementary school. Moreover, to expand employment for young men from 40.4% to 47.7%, they will create 490,000 youth jobs. They will also institute a “Spec Transcendence Recruit System” that will prevent young people from losing time and money pursuing unnecessary certifications. Therefore, they will establish a test operation “Mentor school” that will provide mentoring to talented students who are selected regardless of certifications this June. The government will attempt to resolve the youth employment problem through this active job creation plan.

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