Cyber Education Event Strengthens Employment Competence
Cyber Education Event Strengthens Employment Competence
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The Office of Student Career Development has started a free video class study event to improve the attention and application of various cyber education contents. Service subjects are divided into 3 study areas and into event seasons. They will choose users who study hard in “English education,” “Vocational education” and “IT synthesized education.” They will announce the selected students during the last week of May on the University Library homepage. Culture gift certificates will be awarded to three students. A reading desk will be awarded to the participation prize winner and movie tickets will be awarded as a second prize. In order to participate in this program, login to the YU portal system and click “AtoZ mentorship” in the right of the employment corner and click “Tomato TOEIC” to study “English education,” and click “Civil service examination prepare” to study “Vocational education,” and click “IT certificate education,” to study “IT synthesize education.” Participation in this event is limited to undergraduate studies freshmen, enrolled students, and students on a leave of absence until the 24th of May.

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