Saudi Arabian Students Increase Their Presence at YU
Saudi Arabian Students Increase Their Presence at YU
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The Office of International Programs announced that 18 Saudi Arabian students have entered Yeungnam University this year. From the fall semester of 2011, many Saudi Arabian students have entered due to an agreement with the Saudi Arabian Cultural Center. This agreement has been made exclusively with Yeungnam University and Kyunghee University. Students from Middle Eastern countries sometimes find it difficult to enter universities in Korea due to distinct differences in culture and cooperation. However, student control systems at YU are superior to other universities. Therefore YU was selected as a foundation course university. Between 2 to 5 students from the Middle East enter the university every semester. There are currently a total of 40 students enrolled at YU including the 18 students who entered this year. These students have received the King Abdullah scholarship from their homeland to study technology and they study at the graduate school and the Korea Language Institute. YU teaches Saudi Arabian students basic science for free.

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