North Korean Human Rights Issues
North Korean Human Rights Issues
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At the end of March, 2013 a UN report on North Korea’s human rights detailed serious violations. For example, the North Korean government has participated in the kidnapping of foreigners, torture, and two hundred thousand people in forced labor camps. This report raised the possibility of establishing a North Korean human rights commission of inquiry. Seo Sepyeong the North Korean ambassador to the UN said “This report creates a distorted image of North Korea. This is a political issue that can disturb the socialist system and put pressure on our country under the veil of human rights.” Despite these claims, human rights in North Korea have become more critical, and the number of North Korean defectors is decreasing. Therefore, the UN Human Rights Council has established the North Korean human rights commission of inquiry at the end of March. North Korea’s position has become weaker because Russia and China are not included in the commission and will not be able to provide cover for them. Nevertheless Venezuela still has a dissenting vote.

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