Pleasant Campus? It’s up to Smokers
Pleasant Campus? It’s up to Smokers
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The semester has just started, but before you know it mid-term exams will be upon us. Many students have already started to study hard in spite of the glorious spring weather. However, at campus facilities like the University Library and the College of Business & Economics or Engineering, many students have to deal with second-hand smoke from smokers. The Observer investigated smoking areas on campus, met with smokers and non-smokers alike, and listened to their opinions.

Nine smoking areas were recently established on campus in order to make a more pleasant campus environment and reduce the danger of passive smoking. The areas are located at the College of Natural Resources, the Foreign Language Institute, the Amphitheater, the Science Library, the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Education, the College of Human Ecology & Kinesiology, General Lecture Hall, and the University Library. There is also an antismoking campaign being run by the YU Health Care Center Smoking Clinic. This event is held at the Health Care Center every Wednesday for students and faculty. The management period is four months and the program includes counseling for non-smokers, CO gas measuring and providing nicotine patches. Those who successfully finish the curriculum are awarded a prize and certificate by the Center and City Health Office. Moreover, there are also university student supporters that help smokers quit smoking, called "Trouble Smoker.” The Ministry of Health and Welfare sponsors these students and they work in various fields regarding smoking. The Observer met these supporters. They said they had had more concern about smokers during their activities. They also said they hope smokers observe basic courtesy for non-smokers on campus and the perception or consciousness about quitting smoking with an open mind.

Interview with a smoker, History, Sophomore, Male

Q) What do you think about the newly installed smoking areas this year?
A) I just heard about them. It is often uncomfortable to smoke on campus because there are no designated smoking areas. Therefore, I think this news is very good and informative.

Q) What do you think about non-smokers who feel they are harmed by you?
A) I take responsibility if anyone feels they are harmed by my actions. However, I think many people blindly criticize smokers. Do we have to renounce smoking just because other people don’t like it? Smoking is our right and part of our individuality. If I think about non-smokers, I feel a little sympathetic to them as well. However, I think blindly criticizing smokers is not right.

Q) What do you think about your etiquette regarding smoking?
A) Although I agree that smoking has more disadvantages than advantages, I still don’t think about quitting. Frankly, I have not thought much about non-smokers in the past. There may be many people who have been harmed by cigarette smoke on campus and I think my etiquette has not been very good. In the future, I’ll need to be more careful.

Interview with a non-smoker, Business, Sophomore, Female

Q) What do you think about the newly installed smoking areas this year?
A) I think it is a really excellent change. When I go to class or the library, there are always lots of smokers around me, and I really feel like I’ve been harmed by them. I am especially upset by smokers who stand at the entrances of buildings. I resent them although I try to understand their point of view. However, the newly installed smoking areas signal a very positive change that could decrease these conflicts.

Q) In your opinion, what is the worst kind of smoker?
A) I am really disgusted by smokers who spit all over the street while they smoke. I think that they are really inconsiderate because the street is for everyone. I want to ask them if they act the same way at their own home.

Q) What do you want to say to smokers?
A) I hope smokers are considerate of non-smokers. Of course, smoking is an individual right. However, if it is proven to harm others, they need to reconsider their actions. I hope many Yeungnam University students have an attitude that considers others.

Interview with General Student’s Association

Q) Why did you install the smoking areas on campus this year?
A) In 2013, we secured a budget along with Campus Maintenance and we installed smoking areas after consultations to make a pleasant campus and decrease the danger of second-hand smoking.

Q) Are there any penalties for smoking in non-smoking areas?
A) No. This policy is to recommend smoking at the designated areas, so we cannot impose any penalties for non-compliance.

Q) How will you settle the problem of people who are harmed by smokers?
A) We recently installed the smoking areas to deal with this issue and we are scheduled to start an antismoking campaign to promote the antismoking clinic at the YU Health Care Center.

Q) What do you want to say to smokers to make a more pleasant campus?
A) Beyond the smoking issue, I hope students think of the campus like their own home and coexist on campus neatly and considerately.

The smoking problem on campus is a persistent one. We listened to all sides of the issue. Of course, we have to respect an individual’s right to smoke if they choose. However, for a more beautiful and pleasant campus, I hope smokers will care and be more considerate to non-smokers than they are now.

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