Win-Win Relationship, The “U-Membership”
Win-Win Relationship, The “U-Membership”
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On March 2013, Yeungnam University’s 46th General Student’s Association Run To U created a system called “U-Membership” in cooperation with Daegu University. The “U-Membership” system figures out business districts that many students from Yeungnam and Daegu University use and designates branch offices which are superb in taste and service as affiliated stores. This project aims to create a win-win relationship that results in the vitalization of business districts in front of the university for the benefits of students. If YU students put a “U-Membership” sticker on the back of their student cards and present it at affiliated stores, they can receive various discount benefits. From March 11th to 15th, the first membership events were conducted at the University Library, the General Lecture Hall, and the Science Library and 1,200 students participated. The event continued at the front gate for a week. In addition, the profits that were gathered through voluntary student contributions over 1,000 won will be all put toward scholarships for students. In connection with this project, the 46th General Student’s Association Run To U said they will make an exclusive team to manage this project until 2014.

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