Sungnyemun Regains Its Previous Form
Sungnyemun Regains Its Previous Form
  • Hye-Jin Kang
  • 승인 2013.04.02 19:44
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In April 2013, the No.1 National Treasure, the Sungnyemun restoration site will be opened to the public 5 years after it was burnt down by arson. The restoration repaired deformed parts of the roof, ground and floor through excavation and historical investigation. The construction, with a total cost of 25 billion won mobilized many people like the holders of important cultural properties in 6 areas involving Shin Eung Soo, the master carpenter. Most wooden materials at the construction site were used from reclaimed items and there are burned remains at the site in order to help everyone remember its history. The biggest change is a castle which was torn down by Japan in 1907, which has been restored partially at the south gate of the capital city by restoring its dimensions to 53m to the east and 16m to the west. In addition, there are now extensive emergency systems within and without the monument like sprinklers and fire sensors for preventing future incidents. The building dedication ceremony will be convened on a meaningful day regarding Sungnyemun history after finishing another reconstruction project.

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