Banks Ignore Web Accessibility Laws
Banks Ignore Web Accessibility Laws
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Compliance of web accessibility on all corporate websites including banks will become mandatory from the 11th of April 2013 under “The disabled persons discrimination and right to assistance Act.” Web accessibility guarantees that disabled people will be able to access and understand all information on web sites. However, the websites of most major banks in Korea are insufficiently compliant. “The Korea web accessibility evaluation center” investigated the web accessibility of Korea’s 9 major banks for sight disabled people. Their investigation showed that, only 3 of the banks had individual banking services online including KB bank and Citi bank. In addition, the only that passed all evaluation standards was KB bank. On a bank homepage, if web accessibility is insufficient, disabled people can not use Internet banking services completely, so this could be considered discrimination. Each bank website must consider the web accessibility of disabled people and upgrade them quickly.

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