A New Vision for YU: YU, the future
A New Vision for YU: YU, the future
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The 14th Yeungnam University presidential inauguration was held at Chunma Arts Center on February 13th, 2013. Yeungnam University’s new president, Seok-Kyun Noh’s vision for the university is “YU, the future.” The Observer, along with the Yeungdae Shinmun and UBS (University Broadcasting System) conducted an interview with Yeungnam University’s new president, Seok-Kyun Noh. We asked questions ranging from the meaning of university education to tuition cuts.

Q) How do you feel as you take office as the new president of Yeungnam University?
A) I am glad. I hope to make positive changes to our school while I am in office. When it comes to this point, I feel a sense of responsibility. I think being a university president is not simply important locally, but it is also important nationally. I am going to try to accomplish my mission and stay true to my purpose throughout.

Q) What do you think is the purpose of a university education as the new president?
A) University is where we have our last chance for formal education. That’s why the university has a responsibility to educate well. Professors must effectively convey their academic knowledge and expertise and students must be faithful recipients of that know ledge and expertise. When well-trained students are produced, they will be talented people who play an important role in developing the nation. The purpose at YU is to produce talented reliable people like the columns of a building to make our nation prosperous.

Q) The input of student grades was refused by adjunct professors due to wage negotiations on December 28th of last year. As a result, some students were greatly inconvenienced regarding changing majors, departmental assignments and graduation. How do you plan to prevent this kind of situation and improve the treatment of adjunct faculty going forward?
A) I think the situation was very unfortunate. The situation regarding adjunct faculty happens every year and it is a problem, it always becomes an issue as wage negotiations and the process of negotiations become difficult. I think it has to be solved by having open discussions together.

Q) With the institution of the Park Geun Hye government, students hoped for a significant decrease in tuition, but they were disappointed because Yeungnam University cut the tuition by only 0.33% this year. We want to know your opinion regarding cutting tuition rates.
A) I hope that tuition can be decreased if finances are not an issue. However, in order to provide a top quality education, the university must depend on tuition as its primary source of revenue. I think it is wrong that tuition suddenly became an issue and students demand decreases in tuition unconditionally. However, I think the structure of the university's finances have changed favorably. I think the government has to give scholarships to disadvantaged students at a higher rate than they are currently doing it. Therefore, I think also the government and private schools have to cooperate in order to deal with the tuition problem in the future.

Q) How do you want to be remembered after completing your four year term as the university president?
A) I would like to be remembered as being the right person for the job when my time in office is complete. Moreover, I want to remain dedicated to all the university members. I will work hard and not forget my original intention.

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