The Geumho River Is Returned to Life
The Geumho River Is Returned to Life
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Recently the Geumho River has been changed into a dream river. The government has carried out the implemetion of an ecology river business. There are now 72 bicycle roads along the Nakdong River and the Geumho River. Citizens use hese roads to commute on weekdays, and they are also a place where families and clubs can meet on the weekend. A new system that controls the water level and flooding has been built. This new system has contributed a great deal to the natural appeal of the area. Rest areas, trails, and nature exploration areas have also been newly installed downstream. In addition, 19 theme parks, 106 physical plants, and 1,008 amenities have been installed along the length of the river. Citizens can use these facilities conveniently. Tall wild grass preserves the natural conditions as well. Therefore, otters and migratory birds have returned to the Geumho River, and minnows can now be seen in the river. Minnows can only live in clean water. The revitalized Geumho River is waiting for your visit.

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