Movies that Move You
Movies that Move You
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Jin-A, Lee
Chinese and Information

Les Miserables

This film was enough to change my favorite genre. The best movie I have ever seen was Les Miserables which was first produced as a stage musical. In this film, the actors and actresses all sang songs and acted lively. Since every scene and all the action advanced in a lively manner, it added to my positive impression. The main content of this film is the story of Jean Valjean. Jean Valjean is sent to jail because he stole a loaf of bread for his hungry nephew. The movie shows the contrast between the law and what is considered justice and human dignity throughout the movie. There is a contrast between Javert, the police inspector who works for the State and Jean Valjean, a convict who was accused of stealing a piece of bread for his hungry nephew during the confused era of the late 18th century. One day, Jean Valjean who was immorally imprisoned came to understand forgiveness and tolerance when he meets a priest and changes his life. After that, he lived as a mayor who gives forgiveness and toleration. One day Jean Valjean meets a women named Fantine. Fantine died of a disease and Jean Valjean nourished Cosette who is Fantine’s daughter after he felt compassion to her. Cosette grows up as a lady and falls in love with Marius who is part of the French Revolution. Jean Valjean defends Marius during the revolution for his daughter, Cosette and he linked Cosette and Marius. Eventually, Jean Valjean comes to the cathedral that he was forgiven at and the movie ends with his death.

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