The Falkland Islands will Decide its Future in March
The Falkland Islands will Decide its Future in March
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The Falkland Islands, which was the center of a dispute between the United Kingdom and the Argentine Republic, will hold a referendum in March, 2013. The UK has been in possession of the Falklands since it won the war with Argentina in April, 1982. Argentina and the UK waged a war in 1982 and they have experienced friction again recently after the UK approved oil exploration in the waters surrounding the Falklands 3 years ago. The Falkland’s self government decided to have an inhabitants’ vote in March about remaining a British territory and said “If the vote result is uncontroversial, we can know where the residents want to live.” Most of the 3,000 residents feel positively about being a UK territory, so the expected vote results might not make Argentina happy. Argentina conveyed their position about the Falklands to the UN and demanded negotiations with David Cameron, the UK’s prime minister.

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