Do YU CAN and YAT Really Help?
Do YU CAN and YAT Really Help?
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There is a saying that goes “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” It means if you do not make use of something, then it is not valuable. The YU CAN system has been in place since 2010. It is described as a system that supports individual self-analysis for students. YAT is a comprehensive psychological examination related to career. However, many students don't think this system needed and isn't very helpful. In this issue, The Observer talks about the efficiency and problems of YU CAN and YAT.

What is YU CAN?
YU CAN is short for “Yeungnam University Career Advancement Nurture.” This system supports consultations with professors about work and career through an individual self analysis program for students.

What is YAT?
YAT stands for “Yeungnam University Aptitude Test.” This test helps students to choose a career successfully. It has been developed by YU. The results of the YAT are determined by one's aptitude, talent, and shortcomings. This system makes use of a database that keeps track of student's deep counseling tie with a tutor or expert.

The problems of YU CAN
Most students only use YU CAN to check their grades. Only a few students have detailed knowledge about this system. Not many students know how to make good use of it because there has been very little promotion of the YU CAN system. In addition, guidance and information about YU CAN on the YU homepage is based on the old education & administration system and it does not apply in the URP (University Resource Program) system. Even after logging into YU CAN, the counseling is difficult to do as well. At last, most students do not answer sincerely, so they do not expect realistic results. In addition, students can input their career choice, TOEIC points, circle activities, contest exhibits, and the scope of their activities. However, the biggest problem is that most students feel it is not needed. In short, they are simply indifferent to its existence.

The problems of YAT
The biggest problem with YAT is that most students do not even know it exists. Awareness of YAT is lower than YU CAN. For the few students who try to use YAT, there are difficulties in filling out the form and interpreting the results. Furthermore, with YAT students must print the form and actually sit down with a counseling expert at the YU Center for Students Counseling instead of communicating online. The evaluation questions on the form that deal with getting a job and barriers to accessing careers are somewhat fresh. However, it is not comprehensive enough as it only covers five questions. There are a lot of unnecessary evaluation questions about personality as well.

Oh-Sang Kwon
Manager, Office of Placement Service

Q) Do you think YU CAN and YAT can appeal to more students?
A) Frankly, I don’t think they can as they currently exist. There are many shortcomings. We launched YU CAN 2 years ago. We are struggling to make up for its faults in order to make the system more useful. However, students continue to be apathetic and regard it as worthless. To make a better system, we need students to have more concern and a sincere attitude when they use it.

Q) What has changed since 2010?
A) At first, we tried to improve YAT and YU CAN with a new portal URP system. Second, a new integrated access system for YU CAN on the YU URP system will appear at the beginning of the first semester this year. This system will allow students to look at YU's variety of programs, schedules, and events. The students’ individual integrated access system is filtering by the application of each program. For example, some programs can apply only to juniors. Therefore, freshmen, sophomores, and seniors will not be able to access that program.

Q) What are the advantages of YU CAN and YAT compared with other Aptitude tests?
A) The user rate for these systems is higher than other universities. For example, Kyungpook National University’s Aptitude user rate is only 5%. In addition, connections between professors and students through the YU CAN system are easy. The purpose of the feedback service is to make lectures that students want to attend. Students can register for these lectures through YU CAN.

Q) What would you like to say to YU students?
A) I’d like to say thanks to the students, but we need more honest input. Most of YU CAN’s users are seniors. We need more students to participate. We have tried to solve the inconveniences faced by students. We hope more students want to make use of YU CAN and YAT.

YU CAN and YAT are too useful for us to neglect. These programs have been forgotten due to a lack of promotion and the indifference of the students. Every year YU spends a lot of money on YU CAN and YAT. However, many of us simply do not try to use them! Everyone can be helped by these systems. You can strengthen your weak points if you give YU CAN and YAT a chance

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