The Counseling Center for Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence at YU
The Counseling Center for Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence at YU
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Sexual harassment and sexual violence
Rape accounts for about 52% of all reported sexual assaults. 42% of reported rape victims are adults, 24% are 14-19 years old, 23% are 8-13 years of age, and children 13 and under account for about 12%. Moreover, studies show that 65% of the perpetrators of sexual violence know their victims. For example, relatives account for about 17%, neighbors account for about 15%, and co-workers account for about 11%. Sexual violence has grown steadily over the past several years. For example, in 2007, 14,229 incidents were reported and that number has increased every year up to 21,912 in 2011.

The Counseling Center for Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence
The counseling center at YU serves multiple functions. For example, they deal with sexual discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence, and knowledge of sexual matters. Telephone counseling is available at 053) 810-1068. The counseling center is located in room #103-2 in the One-Stop Service Center. Counseling times are from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. except for lunch time from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. All counseling sessions are kept confidential. There are two processes dealing with problems and counseling content. They are divided into official and unofficial processes. An official process is started with an incident report, and a committee is formed. An investigation into the incident will be completed within six months, and a warning can be issued or harsher penalties can be imposed on an alleged perpetrator during this time. An unofficial process seeks an apology from the attacker and recognition of the act.

Interview with Kee-Ra Moon
Senior Researcher of the Counseling Center for Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

Q) What is the purpose of the counseling center?
A) We provide information about sexual harassment prevention to faculty, staff, and students at the beginning of the semester. Moreover, we investigate reported incidents of sexual harassment and sexual violence through consultations with the victims and alleged perpetrators.

Q) Are there many incidents of sexual harassment and sexual violence at YU?
A) A typical example occured recently when a man took a candid shot of a woman during summer vacation in the College of Liberal Arts ladies’ room. These kinds of incidents occur frequently, and we have to take swift and strong measures in response. In this case, the restroom didn’t have an emergency bell because of construction, so one has been installed after the incident.

Q) What are some ways to prevent sexual harassment and sexual violence at YU?
A) These days, many women wear low-cut dresses. Students should be more careful with how they dress. Moreover, a lot of sexual harassment occurs at the university, and sexual harassment occurs frequently among students. Sexual harassment is from the viewpoint of the victim, so if a victim feels embarrassed, this could be considered sexual harassment. If you feel embarrassed in terms of language directed toward you, you have to state your feelings clearly.

Q) How can we cope with sexual harassment and sexual violence after it occurs?
A) If you are sexually assaulted, you must notify the proper authorities immediately, you should not take a shower and you should not change clothes. If you want to change your underwear, you should wrap the underwear you were wearing during the assault in a paper bag. In addition, you should take a birth control pill. If an incident occurs outside the university, you should call 1366. If an incident occurs on university grounds, you should visit our counseling center.

Q) What’s your opinion about this social issue?
A) The various problems related sexual harassment and sexual violence have always existed, but our society tried to cover up these problems. However, people are now more aware, and people report incidents to the police. More and more cases of sexual harassment and sexual violence are emerging as a social issue. Moreover, Korea still lacks sex-consciousness and education about sex. We need to have better consciousness about these issues. It is important to educate victims. Above all, I think education about attackers and what should be considered improper behavior should be improved in our society.

Most people tend to be interested in the punishment of attackers after sexual harassment or sexual violence occurs. However, it is most important that we know about preventative measures and actions regarding sexual harassment and sexual violence. YU students need to be aware about all aspects of these issues in order to reduce the problem.

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