The World’s First “Town RPG” is Started on Seoul
The World’s First “Town RPG” is Started on Seoul
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The Town RPG named “Hi Seoul - The Beginning” started in the Jung-gu district of Seoul on October 13th. The Town RPG concept takes its name from RPG (Role Playing Game). Players conduct missions related to a city’s history and culture. This cultural content game was launched by Mr. Jeon, the director of the e-fun office in Daegu in 2006. However, Town RPG was abandoned due to a budgetary problem and insufficient will. Recently, Seoul city contracted Mr. Jeon and declared they were planning to make Town RPG part of the Seoul sightseeing program. Response to the program has been very positive and participation by the citizens has been very high. This program will expand from Seoul to the whole country. Town RPG will become a representative game of Korea.

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