Movies and Books that Move You
Movies and Books that Move You
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A Book of RemembranceBooks are sometimes referred to as milestones to change the course of human life. Along with textbooks, people also like to read different types of books which can give pleasure or inspiration. My hobby is reading, and new books always draw my attention. Some books make a lasting impression in people hearts. I am no different, but I have several favorite books. Those books always inspire me when I face difficulties. “Wings of Fire,” an autobiography by APJ Kalam is one of my favorite books. APJ Kalam is the former President of India and was known as the “Missile Man.” Basically he is an aerospace scientist and a University Professor as well. He is also known for his simple lifestyle and his dreams for a modern India. He drew the attention of the whole world while he was the President of India, and he successfully maintained a strong diplomatic relationship with the world community. “Wings of Fire” begins with his childhood. He described his family and the surroundings of his hometown. He narrated very simply how he was motivated by his surroundings. He even explained the simple teachings of his parents. Moreover, he described his school and university life in the first part of the book. The middle of the book detailed the tough situation he faced in his university life. After graduation, he was called for an interview and he failed to get the job he expected. He got over his disappointment and he was called for an interview at another research center. Finally, he got the job and began working on his dream for a new India. He continued to explain the negligence and bureaucracy he faced. Pioneering new fields is always challenging and he took on many challenging projects. His very first project was a big dream for him as well as all of India. He explained how he passed the last sleepless week of the project “Agni.” When his first project was successful, he was invited to visit the President of India. The book is a reflection of modern India and it represents the current situation of scientific research there. Surely, APJ Kalam is a man who is a Pioneer of modern scientific research in India. He also explained how he was promoted to the top position in the Aerospace Research center. At the end of this book, he described his family status. He is not married and surprisingly he said that he didn’t have enough time to think about marriage. The whole book is so interesting that readers will stay interested page after page. Finally he commented on how he wants to see India in the near future. He poses the question of how modern India will promote urban and rural lifestyles equally. Some critics say that “Wings of Fire” is not only the autobiography of APJ Kalam, but also a masterpiece detailing the future of India and its potential prosperity.

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