Movies and Books that Move You
Movies and Books that Move You
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Taken 2This movie was not filmed by the same director who did the original Taken movie. I heard that it wasn’t interesting and tense because of the change in directors. Because of this, I saw the movie with no expectations. The main character Brian, played by Liam Nesson, is chased by the same gangsters who abducted his daughter Kim in the Taken 1. Taken 1 Brian killed the son of the group’s boss as he was trying to save his daughter. Therefore the boss vowed revenge. In the first scene of the movie, the boss followed Brian to Istanbul. Brian was there on business and his family joined him there. The boss and his subordinates took Brian and his ex-wife, but Brian escaped. He saved his daughter from the gangsters again and they rescued his ex-wife together. After I saw this movie, I agreed with public opinion and I felt disappointed. However, I was able to feel a man’s love for his family in this movie. Although Brian had divorced his ex-wife, he still had feelings for her, and he had already demonstrated his love for his daughter. His only desire was to protect them from risks. In this scene, I was touched by his love for his family and a understood a father’s instinctive need to protect his family. Second, I felt I had to be more aware of human trafficking and the evil people who perpetrate it. These days, there are many crimes and murder cases, so there is no place to rest. We always have to be careful when we travel abroad and in everyday life whenever we leave our homes. It’s not good to doubt the people around us, but being wary of risks is wiser than throwing caution to the wind. Based on these situations, I think this movie can instill a sense of caution in people, so it’s worth to see this movie.

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