New Agricultural Restructuring in North Korea
New Agricultural Restructuring in North Korea
  • Da-Hyeon Lee
  • 승인 2012.09.04 17:20
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North Korea will undergo a restructuring of its agricultural policy as of September 1st of this year. Based on the restructured system, North Korean farmers will not be obligated to give as much of their harvested crops to the state, and they will be able to keep more for themselves to dispose of privately. It is hoped that these reforms will improve productivity and promote a more positive outlook. Farmers will be encouraged to produce surpluses if they are allowed to profit from their additional labor by selling their surpluses in a semi-free market. However, the sale of surplus products will still be restricted because they will have to pass through regular distribution channels. Moreover, it seems that the number of family farms will increase due to the fact that new collective farm regulations will allow for a smaller number of people in order to have a farm. These agricultural reforms seem to be the first move of the Kim Jung Eun regime aimed at economic recovery and a first step for improving the quality of life of North Korean citizens.

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