Travel to Find Entrepreneurial Spirit
Travel to Find Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Min-Kyung Seo
  • 승인 2012.09.04 17:18
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The entrepreneur expedition program started with the support of the Federation of Korean Industries on May 7th and will run until September 25th of this year. This program was created to help youths and university students foster proper entrepreneurial spirit. The expedition sponsors all expenses paid trip to educate participants in their chosen fields of interest. University students take a one day trip to learn more about various fields of entrepreneurship, and youth participants take a two day trip. Students can apply for the program through the organization’s homepage- by September 19th. This expedition is divided into various themes such as: IT/Design, Trading, High-technology, Car/Heavy equipment, and Energy. Students will visit companies and museums. Students will also participate in contests based on what they learn after they finish their expedition.

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