How You Professors See You
How You Professors See You
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Sung-Ok Baek
Environmental Engineering Professor
Q) What qualities do you want to see in your students?
A) I like students who sacrifice themselves. For example, I like department representatives or student presidents who give their time to work for others. In short, I like students who are willing to serve.
Q) If there is one thing you don’t want to see in class, what is it?
A) Female students frequently look at themselves in their mirrors. That is fine, but I think it should be done before class. In addition, some couples do not concentrate in class. These kinds of couples can be disruptive to other students.
Q) How do you think students should study if they want to be successful?
A) Always, I think students have to study 1.2 times more than what they thought would be required. In short, if students want to receive a B, they must study enough to receive an A.
Q) What can students do to impress you?
A) I like students who participate enthusiastically in class. In addition, I like students who have their books open before the class begins.
Q) Is there any advice you want to give your students?
A) First of all, I want to tell my students that they should have a hobby. If students have a hobby, they will do everything else better. My hobby is playing the guitar, so I hope to let students hear my guitar playing. Although students are scared of me in class, if students see my guitar playing, they can feel more at ease.

Suk-Bok Kang
Statistics Professor
Q) What kind of students do you prefer?
A) I like students who take classes passionately and sit in the front row. Most of the students are often too shy to ask questions. What we know and do not know is proportional. In other words, if students know many things, there are many things they do not know, too. Therefore, students should not be shy. I hope that students ask questions of me.
Q) More and more students are sleeping in class. What do you think about this?
A) Most sleeping students think they are not distracting in class. These students think sleeping is better than making noise themselves. However, when I see sleeping students, my motivation decreases. It is disruptive to other students as well.
Q) Do you have any teaching secrets?
A) There are no special secrets. However, my goal is always “Let’s love students.” For example, if a veterinarian does not love animals, the job will be very painful. If possible, I try to give my utmost attention to students. I memorize their names and I carry photos of them. In addition, my computer background is a picture of the students.
Q) Is there any advice you want to give your students?
A) Most of the YU students are often despondent because YU is a local university. A lot of students tend to lower themselves. However, I hope that students love themselves. In addition, I hope that students commit themselves to everything they do. If students do not challenge themselves, they can never succeed. Finally, I hope that students have confidence.

Kikuchi Seiji
Japanese Language & Literature Professor
Q) What kind of students do you prefer?
A) I like students who take classes passionately and sit in the front row. In addition, I prefer students who ask a lot of questions.
Q) When are you most disappointed with your students?
A) There are students who leave without a saying word in class. Of course, they could be going to the toilet or answering their cell phone. In addition, there are students who do not participate at all in class work. Whenever I see these situations, I feel disappointed.
Q) There are a lot of students who doze off after lunch time. What do you do in this situation?
A) I raise the volume of my voice or I say a few comments about them. In addition, I point out dozing students and then I embarrass them by speaking to them in Japanese.
Q) Is there any advice you want to give your students?
A) It is difficult to find and select a goal when you first start school. However, there are many services to help students find a goal at YU. Therefore, I hope students use these services practically. Moreover, I hope that goal consciousness of students becomes clearer and students make a plan for their university lives.

Most students think that impressing their professors is difficult. However, through these interviews, we can see that professors think about students a lot more than we thought. Professors are concerned about students and they think of students with affection. In addition, most professors prefer students who are active and enthusiastic in class. If students behave this way, more students will pay attention in class, and the classes will be better for everyone.

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