The Vote Related to Paid Vacation in Switzerland
The Vote Related to Paid Vacation in Switzerland
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Switzerland held a referendum on the plan to extend paid vacations from 4 weeks to 6 weeks on March 11th, 2012. That bill was proposed because of the increased health risks due to intense competition for jobs. The result of the vote was that all 26 cantons and 67% of the voters opposed the bill so, it was rejected. If paid vacations had been extended, the burden of unit labor costs for corporations would have increased as well, and it could have led to a reduction in jobs. An executive of SUAC, an organization that represents 300,000 corporations in Switzerland, the anticipated increase in labor costs would have taken $6.52 billion from the Swiss economy if the bill was passed. It was a responsible vote which considered the reality of the nation in and put their economy ahead of their vacations.

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