A Survival Guide for Eating around Campus
A Survival Guide for Eating around Campus
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▲ Jin-Sil Park
Political Science and Diplomacy
I visited a restaurant called Jjoda Jjimdak for the first time with my friends. Jjoda Jjimdak is located on Yeungnam University's Orange Street. My friends and I looked forword to the Jjimdak's taste because we are always go to Janggun Jjimdak or Andong Jjimdak. This restaurant has been televised before, so we know it would be good. We ordered Jjimdak, and we ate in silence. A bowl of rice was served after we devoured the Jjimdak in an instant. The chicken is tenderer than other restaurants, and the sweet and spicy tastes are in harmony with each other. Naturally our hands moved toward the food. Considering the quantity, the price is very cheap, so we were very satisfied. I have only visitied this restaurant once. As soon as the new semester starts, I will go to there with friends and freshmen. Visit Jjoda Jjimdak! You will not be disappointed.

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