A Survival Guide for Eating around Campus
A Survival Guide for Eating around Campus
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▲ Se-Hyun Han
Landscape Architecture
I want to introduce the restaurant, 1/2 which is located near a GS25 convenience store. Its small and lovely size makes it look like a cafe. The menu includes chicken kebabs, rolls, pizza, a chicken set and spaghetti. I recommend the fried chicken set and spaghetti. First, the chicken set consists of fried chicken, fried potatoes, a rice ball and fresh salad. The fried chicken is great because of its clean and soft taste. Furthermore, their spaghetti served on a hot plate makes it more delicious. Though you might think its cheese is a little greasy, the sauce will make it fresh. If you are sick of ordinary restaurants, I recommend you go there. You will find the mood and taste to be new and fresh. Besides, the prices are so cheap that you will feel relaxed while eating.

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