Movies That Move You
Movies That Move You
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The Thieves
This movie has been referred to as a Korean version of the American movie “Ocean's Eleven”, which may be because the two movies have similar story lines, this movie woke me up, especially the action scenes in it. The action in this movie is rarely if ever seen in Korean cinema. The deft movements of the thieves and their amazing team work brought thrills to the audience. The plot of the story is that a team of Korean thieves steal an extremely expensive diamond necklace from the wife of a Chinese tycoon in cooperation with Chinese thieves. It looks like they may be caught several times, but they finally succeed by a narrow margin whenever they steal something, although it's not the diamond necklace they eagerly want. There is a saying that goes, “A thief is certain to be caught in time.” The main character is named 'Macao Park'. He seems to be in constant danger, but surprisingly always manages to escape from these dangerous situations. One of the most interesting aspects of the story is the continued interplay between the thieves. They seem to repeatedly betray each other, and it is sometimes difficult to understand all the individual agendas. These betrayals cause many reversals in the movie, so I marveled at it in spite of myself. In addition, the actors are a source of fun and great charisma in this movie. Kim Yoon Seok, who played the role of Macao Park, is very clever, Kim Hye Soo, who plays the role of an expert safe cracker, is glamorous; Jeon Ji Hyeon and O Dal Su are humorous and made me smile. What's more, through Kim Hae Sook's role, the movie delivers the underlying message that you lose your precious life if you are too greedy. These actors and other main characters awakened my imagination. The movie seems to be making the point that there is no bounds to man's greed. To me, it felt like the movie’s main theme was that you should desire things in moderation, and that obsession and greed can lead to ruin.

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