Movies That Move You
Movies That Move You
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Architecture 101
Architecture 101 is the first Korean movie that I translated into Thai. The first time I watched it, I didn’t notice many details. However, while I was translating it, I had to think about it carefully, and I realized how good this movie really was. Architecture 101 is a story about first love. The main character is named Sung-Min, he’s a first year architecture student at a university and he falls in love with Seo-Yeon while they take the same class, “Architecture 101.” Through an unfortunate misunderstanding they part, and 15 years later, Sung-Min has gone on with his life and becomes an architect. Suddenly, Seo-Yeon comes to find him and old feelings begin to surface.
No matter how many times I watch this movie, I still feel satisfied after I finish it. The spectacular scenery, the way the movie shapes the story, and many other small things never stop surprising me.
The actors were also well chosen. All four main characters suit their rolls perfectly. Lee Jae Hoon, plays the innocent and pure-hearted boy very charmingly. There is also Suzi. I didn’t expect much from her when I first saw the trailer, but she gave the impression of first love very well. Somehow she manages to become the role and when I see the interaction between Suzi and Lee Jae Hoon, I really get into the story. I find this couple to be very cute, and there is an unmistakable chemistry between them. However, the most unforgettable character is Nabtuk. Even though he’s only a supporting character, to me, he’s the most interesting and charming. He adds a fresh feeling to the movie and he makes it more fun to watch.
The point that I really like about this movie is how realistic it is. There’s also a line from the trailer that didn’t appear in the movie, but it’s my favorite line associated with the movie. “First loves doesn’t usually end up well, and that’s why they call them first loves. If they were successful they wouldn’t be first loves, they would be last loves instead.” This line is the absolute truth. Maybe because it came from Nabtuk’s character is why it seems funny, but he’s very honest. Judging from his words in the story he is such a special character in my opinion.
Last but not least. ”Essay of memory” is a very beautiful and well-made song. I searched for the lyrics and almost cried when I thought about their meaning and how they matched with the movie. I understand why the production team chose this song. I couldn’t agree more with the selection, and I don’t think there could be more a suitable song for this movie.

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