Make Learning English Enjoyable through English Clubs
Make Learning English Enjoyable through English Clubs
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YUFLI Game Club
YUFLI Game Club (The Yeungnam University Foreign Language Institute Game Club) is a board game club. The YUFLI Game Club was created by Tommy Vorst, a YU foreign professor from Canada. The club meets on Wednesday afternoons in the Global Lounge. Every YU student can participate in this club. They play 7-8 games such as Bohnanza, Hey! That's My Fish, and Cartagena. Students have to speak English when they play, and they are encouraged to come with friends and enjoy together.

30 people normally participate in G.E.C (Gyeongsan English Club) every week. Two YU professors, Craig Gardener and Larry Wigs are the organizers of the G.E.C. The club meets every Friday from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at ‘Hong-me’ coffee shop. The club’s members have time to introduce themselves to each other and study idioms. After that, they break into small groups to discuss topics freely. Any student who lives in Daegu or Gyeongsan can join the club. Students who want to participate can join through Facebook. The club is composed of foreigners from various age groups as well as Korean members. Members are asked to pay 5,000 won to cover coffee costs, but they are charged a penalty if they are late, or don’t show up after they said they would come.

Su-Jung Jung
Sophomore, English Education
YUFLI Game Club participant

Q) What are some of the good points of the club?
A) I think there are three good points. The first is that the games we play are actually a lot of fun. It was a bit strange at first. However, as time went by, we really got into the games and we really wanted to win. The second is we get a chance to use English. I have to listen to the professor’s expressions carefully in order to understand the game rules. I ask questions when I don’t know. The professor always explains patiently. The last is, it’s fun getting to know other students.

Q) How is this club different from existing English study opportunities?
A) Almost all of the English study opportunities available to us are based on memorization or self study, but the game club is better than studying because it allows you to participate with other people. I think interacting with other people is the best way to study English conversation.

Gu-Yang Jo
Senior, English Language and Literature
G.E.C participant

Q) Why did you decide to join this club?
A) I learned about the club through my friend in May, 2011. I decided to join the club to make foreign friends and build my English skills.

Q) How is this club different from existing English study opportunities?
A) Above all, I have made many foreign friends, so I can have conversations with them. In the past, it was hard for me to put my thoughts into words, but now I can speak better.

Q) Please tell us what you want to say to students who don’t know about this club
A) I hope students are not afraid to talk with foreigners, and if you are interested in having interaction with foreigners you should join the club now.

YUFLI Game Club
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Tommy Vorst
YU foreign professor

Q) Why did you create the YUFLI Game Club?
A) I think Korean students feel it is crucial to learn English. However, their English classes are only about 1 hour a week and that is not enough. I want to give them more opportunities, but studying English is very different from using English. I think students need to have a chance to use English in a casual atmosphere, not in the classroom. I think it is special that the club gives students a chance to say anything they want unlike in class. Besides, I love board games.

Q) What is different about your club compared to other clubs?
A) I think because I am a professor it is a big difference compared with most student organizations. Therefore, I think students might feel more nervous. In other clubs, you have to participate in the club regularly. However, this is a drop-in club, so students can participate anytime.

Q) Please tell us what you hope students will get from this club.
A) I want students to have a good time using English, and I want them to bring their friends. When you play with friends, it is less stressful. There are always many students in the lounge, but most do not come for the board game club. I think many of them don't give it a try because they are shy and nervous. I wish more students would come to the board game club, so I wonder what I can do to make it easier for them to participate.

Studying English does not always have to be boring and difficult. If you are willing to study English, you can gain confidence and improve your English skill through activities offered by English clubs. Also, if you participate steadily, you can make many friends through real conversations in these clubs. If you want to improve your speaking skills and plan to study English at the start of new term, how about joining one of these English clubs?

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