Clarifying Ambiguous Situations in Campus Life
Clarifying Ambiguous Situations in Campus Life
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Q) What kind of food is permitted in the library?
A) In principal, no food is permitted in library, therefore the Observer can only suggest food standards for the library. In the library, all kinds of beverages are permitted. However, do not drink the last drop of your beverage with a straw. Just drink with your mouth. Drinking with a straw makes noise. You should be careful about two kinds of food in divided cubicles. First, snacks that make noise when you unwrap them. Unwrap these kinds of snacks outside and close your mouth when eating them. Second, food like triangle gimbap should not be allowed. The smell is uncontrollable. The appropriate distance for consuming snacks is less when you are sitting at an open table. At open tables it is uncomfortable to have anything but beverages. You should only eat candy and chocolate or chew gum. When chewing gum, close your mouth to prevent noise.

Q) I go to the library and somebody is sitting in my seat. I want to take another seat, but it is hard to find a seat during exam period. What should I do?
A) Well you should say, “Excuse me, I think you are sitting in my seat,” or find another place to sit. It is an ambiguous situation!! We have a right to take back our seats, but it is not easy to say, "Excuse me, this is my seat.” You should look and see what is put on your seat. When one or two books are put on a desk, you can say, "Excuse me, I think you are sitting in my seat.” One or two books are easy to move but what should you do when three or four books or a laptop computer are put on the desk? It is heavy to move those things. First, try to find another seat. However, you do not have to be so polite to people who are sleeping or just hanging out at your seat. You can just say "Get out" to those people.

Q) I am a freshman. How long will upperclassmen buy me food?
A) First, check whether or not the upperclassman knows your name. If they greet you with a smile and they are in a good mood, you can ask them to buy lunch. Some upperclassmen can buy lunch for two. Don't push it too far because two is the limit. You also have to be careful whether there are other freshmen around when you ask for a free meal. After eating with an upperclassman, send an expression of gratitude through Kakao Talk or a text message. This is essential.

Q) I will study one more year to enter university. I am worried about the under-classmen-upper-classmen relationship. I think that my classmates will be uncomfortable with me if I reveal my age. If I do not reveal my age, how should I treat my classmates who are younger than me?
A) Most students in this situation may worry about this problem. If you think that you may be hurt when people who are younger than you talk informally to you, reveal your age from the beginning. Or if you can swallow your pride leave it alone, and just tell yourself in your mind that you are the same age. You are twenty years old. If you decide to pretend to be younger, yet it bothers you to call someone your age “Unni", "Oppa", "Hyung" or "Nuna", you can just call them "Sunbae." When people know your age, treat a person of the same age as a friend. That way all freshmen and all sophomores can be your friends. Pay attention! All freshmen older than 21 must reveal their age at first meetings, because seniors will be uncomfortable when they realize later that a freshman is older than them. You will not be handcuffed and the police will not be dispatched to take you a way for breaking these unspoken laws, but campus life will be more beautiful if you abide by them.

Use a Student ID Card Efficiently

1. cutting bread
① Take bread out of package and look for clean plastic bag.
② Put bread into plastic bag.
③ Cut bread in half with student ID card.
④ Depending on the situation, divide bread into more pieces.
⑤ Look! It is cut neatly.
⑥ Enjoy your bread.

2. Picking out bee stingers
Pick out bee stingers with your student ID card like shaving. It may aggravate the situation when you try to use tweezers or your hand because bee stingers may break off and go into your skin.

3. Getting a discount on movie tickets
YU students can get a 1,000 won discount at movie theaters in Daegu. In addition, you can use other discount cards simultaneously. However, you have to actually present your student ID card at the theater in order to receive the discount.

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