Freshmen Have Trouble Finding their Path
Freshmen Have Trouble Finding their Path
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Getting around YU
YU's campus covers 1,544,812 square meters. Our university has the second largest campus in the whole country. However, guide signs only show the direction of the buildings with small pictures and no detailed descriptions of building locations. In addition, only one pillar provides any detailed positions of buildings. The one pillar contains many arrows thrown together, which can be confusing. Meanwhile, students can get directions on the YU website by clicking, the ‘About YU’ banner, then ‘Campus VR,’ and then ‘Campus Tour’ in order. In interview, a guide is given to students who first come to the university.

Interview with incoming freshmen about these problems.
Jin-Hee Park Life Science
Jae-Jun LeeNano, Medical and Polymer Materials
Seung-Hyun LimChemistry

Q) When you first came to the university, did you get lost?
A) Yes, I roamed around the university. I got off the bus, and I just felt lost.
A) I had no idea where I was going, so I asked other people.
A) Yes, that is why I was late for this interview.

Q) Did the university guide signs help you?
A) No, I could not even find any.
A) It was difficult to find the guide signs because of the rain. However, I have a map that shows the location of the university buildings, so that was helpful.
A) The guide signs were helpful, but there were not as many as I thought there would be.

Q) How did you arrive at the building that you wanted to go to?
A) The person I asked for directions was helpful, so I was able to find the building.
A) I looked at my map, and I asked for directions, so I was able to get there.
A) I had to ask someone for directions too.

Q) In your opinion, what would make getting around campus easier?
A) I hope signs will be added and guides will be available any time.
A) I hope that there will be more guides, or I hope I can find buildings with just a map.
A) I hope there will be more and more signs and maps. Moreover, I think signs that show “where you are right now” should be marked on the map.
nterview with Property Management Team to address student concerns and improper maintenance.

Hyo-Jin Ham Property Management Team
Q) When freshmen or visitors are lost on campus, what can they do?
A) Currently, the best way is to consult the YU website, by going to the ‘About YU’ section and then ‘Campus VR,’ and ‘Campus Tour.’ Otherwise they need to consult the signs on campus.

Q) In 2012, do you have plans to make more signs?
A) Before the new semester started last year, we tried to make new signs. However, the student government members changed, so the plan to make the signs was discontinued. In 2012, we plan to install signs at some key locations, but we have not discussed any definite plans yet.

Q) If YU installs maps which show current locations in YU apps, students should be able to find their way easily. What do you think?
A) If a GPS feature is put in the YU applications, it can help students find their way, but the technical means have not been implemented yet.

Solutions for the lack of YU guide system
Campus maps that students can recognize and understand at a glance need to be installed in frequently travelled areas like entrances and exits. The signs also need to indicate your position. In addition, if campus maps are left at the University Library information desk, everyone will have an easier time finding their way around.

We know the YU campus is large, but the direction systems are inadequate. However, the university does not currently have a definite plan to resolve the problem. If we can find our way around, our campus life will be more convenient. In addition, visitors and freshmen will arrive at the university buildings easily. Therefore, the university should strive to improve the current system.

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