Movies and Books That Move You
Movies and Books That Move You
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My most impressing movie is 'Billy Elliot'
When I was a middle school student, I saw the movie “Billy Elliot.” During my middle school years at the end of every semester, when we finished our exams, we watched movies and played games. At that time, my teacher showed “Billy Elliot” to my class. Some of the other students thought it was boring and they slept. But I was very impressed by the movie. I had fantasies and dreams about ballet, so I thought this film was very fantastic.
The main character, Billy, faced a crisis because his family was a poor and his father didn't understand ballet. However, Billy’s passion for ballet could not be stopped. Eventually, Billy became a top ballerino. His father realized Billy’s talent and was very proud of Billy. The most impressive part of the movie was the scene in which Billy persuaded his father to accept his dream. At first, Billy did not speak to his father, but finally his passion for ballet exploded. Billy sincerely danced in front of his father.
After this, Billy's father came to understand his son’s passion and dream. There was one other scene that really stood out to me while I was watching the movie. It is common to hear issues about homosexuals from the media nowadays, but at that time to see it in a movie was surprising.
In the movie, Billy's best male friend usually wears women's costumes and likes to put on makeup. When Billy gained admission to the ballet academy and left for London to study, Billy and his friend had to say goodbye. At that moment, Billy's friend kissed Billy on his cheek. It was definitely an astonishing, unique, and unfamiliar scene.
These scenes made me realize that in order to achieve a true dream, you must overcome hardship and any adversity you may encounter. Billy's story will give inspiration and teach a lesson to those who give this movie a chance. The movie was also based on a true story, so I was even more impressed. Whenever I re-watch Billy Elliot, I pledge to myself to endure whatever hardships and adversity I encounter, and I tell myself that I will make my dreams come true.

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