A Survival Guide for Eating around Campus
A Survival Guide for Eating around Campus
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I like to eat at GohyangMaul which is located across from the university’s main gate. GohyangMaul's food selections are all delicious, but my favorite is stir-fried spicy pork. GohyangMaul's stir-fried spicy pork portions are large and the price is good. I frequently eat there with my friends. The stir-fried spicy pork is also served with delicious side dishes like ham, kimchi, meat balls, and Seolreongtang. GohyangMaul's stir-fried spicy pork reminds me of my mother's homemade food. I highly recommend GohyangMaul to dormitory students or students who are not on a university meal plan. This place allows you to enjoy the taste of home.

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