A Survival Guide for Eating on Campus
A Survival Guide for Eating on Campus
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During the hot summer, studying students are tired and irritated. Therefore, student cafeterias sell Naengmyeon. I have no appetite at all these days. So, I like to eat cool Naengmyeon. I have to recommend Naengmyeon to students who have lost their appetites because of studying during the summer. The student cafeteria is different from the other cafeterias. You can adjust the quantity of mustard, vinegar and Naengmyeon sauce according to your taste. Naengmyeon consists of egg, young radish kimchi, and pyeonyuk. I like eating Naengmyeon with pyeonyuk in particular. It improves the flavor. I recommend this because I would like students to try this refreshing dish with pyeonyuk like me.

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