Following the Trails on Campus
Following the Trails on Campus
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Chunmaro course
This course is located in and around the Open Air Auditorium and College of Business & Economics, and it passes near the main entrance of YU. When walking the whole course, it takes about 37 minutes on foot and covers a distance of 2.5 km. There are unusual features here compared to other courses. One of the features is that buildings that include several colleges are located in the direction of the main entrance with University Administration at its center. Another feature is that this course is a highly fluid road because it goes by main buildings such as the Central Library and the Student Union Building. The course features several buildings and planted trees.

Samchunji course
This course is in Samchunji near the dormitory and passes by the College of Engineering and the College of Science. It takes about 54 minutes to walk, and the course is 3.6 km long. We can look around the buildings. It is situated opposite the Chunmaro course and near the dormitory with the University Administration at its center. These buildings are far from the main entrance, so several students have difficulty getting to these places frequently. In this case, they can take a walk behind the College of Engineering. While taking a walk, students can exercise because they will pass by sports grounds such as the Soccer Field and Basketball Courts.

Folk village course
The folk village course is located in an easterly direction starting at the College of Human Ecology & Kinesiology. It takes about 10 minutes to walk this trail, and it is 0.7 km long. Following this course, we can view the folk village on campus. Moreover, it is a great experience as it represents life in the old days. Unlike the prior courses, there are dirt roads on this course and nature harmonizes on all sides quite impressively.

Love road course
This course surrounds an area that includes the folk village course. It is about 1.5 km long and takes approximately 23 minutes to walk it. In the spring, the course is famous for its cherry blossoms and the pine forest is very dense. Walking around the course, I saw a farmer and some local people walking with their pet dog.

Pond course
This site is near the College of Natural Resources' pond. It takes about 27 minutes to walk it and it is 1.8 km long. There is an athletic facility sign in the middle of the pond course. When you come upon this, you will see exercise equipment such as pull-up bars. In and around the pond, there are streetlights and benches made of stone.

Course for loving the forest (Soopsarang) Ⅰ and Ⅱ
Finally, there are courses for loving the forest called "Soopsarang Ⅰ and Ⅱ." These courses begin around the College of Natural Resources to the southern entrance of YU. Soopsarang Ⅰ’s distance is 3.1 km and it takes about 46 minutes to walk it. Soopsarang Ⅱ is 6.5 km long and it takes around 98 minutes to walk it. Of these two courses, if you are pressed for time, the former course is recommended. Otherwise, the latter course would be better to walk. The courses offer intimacy with the forest like their names would suggest.

If you want to walk while looking around YU’s buildings, the Chunmaro and the Samchunji courses are recommended. Otherwise, if you hope to experience nature farther away from these buildings, the Soopsarang courses would be best. You will be able to enjoy the trails on campus according to your preference. It will also be good to appreciate nature during each season while talking with friends. Now is the best season for a walk, so make sure you take the time and experience what our YU’s trails offer.

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