A Survival Guide for Eating around Campus
A Survival Guide for Eating around Campus
  • Hye-Ri Lee
  • 승인 2011.05.02 19:41
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I'd like to introduce "Mr.bong spaghetti", which is located in front of our university front gate. It's Korean style bongole spaghetti. So generally every single dish is sort of spicy, but if you don't want it spicy, you can tell the clerk when you order. Tables and decorations are made of wood, so it has a nice atmosphere. While you are waiting for your dishes, you can bake marshmellows with a candle and you can have as much rice as you want because it's self-service. When I went there, I tried the cream bongole spaghetti. It wasn't only surprising but also so delicous! I recommend this restraunt.

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