The Life of Flight Attendants
The Life of Flight Attendants
  • Hyun-Ji Kim
  • 승인 2010.11.18 14:35
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The flight attendants handle customers with kindness andbeautiful smile on the plane. Let's listen to their effort forbecoming flight attendants.In 2010, I have had chances to teach underclassmenwho want to work as part of a cabin crew at YU. Duringthat time I found many of them to be lacking in drive andpassion. I felt like they were weak willed when it came totheir futures and dreams, in addition they were passive.I am not a person who usually shows off and I don’t feelas if I am selfish. When I look back on my past, thehardest lessons to learn were how to overcome trials. Itortured myself over and over again after interviewfailures. I still remembered the day I cried on thesubway on my way home from work. I didn't care whatothers thought about me. That day, my close friend senta text message to me. “You are always welcome we cando many things, because we are still young. Cheer up.”These days I realized again how lucky I have been. Thisisn’t just because I became a cabin crew member, but Icould realize the dream that really made my heart beat.It is the ‘flight.’I was once in the same position that manyunderclassmen are in now, so I feel sympathetic tothose of you who are so stressed out trying to get a job.Therefore I would like to impart some simple advice.Although it may seem difficult to do at times, believingin these things helped me out a great deal.First of all trust yourself! Only you know who you are.Whenever I faced difficulties I said to myself “Okay, Iknow who I am and where I am from.” It really worked.Your friends, or acquaintances or whoever, can give youadvice, but the final decision is always up to you.Secondly, never, ever give up! We all experience failures,but if we look at them as opportunities to learn from ourmistakes we can improve ourselves for the next time.Who am I? My name is Hyun Ji, ‘The rosy future.’ MyChinese co-workers told me the meaning of my realname. Frankly speaking, I hadn't known that, also Ididn't like my name because I thought it was toocommon. After I learned my name’s meaning, I feltreally proud of myself and my future dream.Finally, enjoy the moment. For 6 years I prepared to bea cabin crew member. During most of my interviews, Iwas nervous. Many failures made me feel I didn’t have achance of realizing my dream. However, those harshexperiences taught me many valuable lessons that I wasable to apply successfully.In closing I would like to say to all the underclassmenwho are trying to realize their dreams, work hard, anddon’t be too discouraged by the competition. It’s adifficult road, but if you believe in yourself, never give up,and take a little time to enjoy it along the way. I know youcan be a success too.

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