Unforgettable Trip to Nepal with Father
Unforgettable Trip to Nepal with Father
  • Young-Gil Hong, Junior, Civil En
  • 승인 2010.10.04 20:12
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It was my first time to travel to another country with my father. I have been to several countries and my father has also been abroad, but we had never had a chance to go on a trip together, even within Korea. During the last summer vacation, I told my father that I was planning to go to Tibet, and after a couple of days, he told me that Tibet was a place he had dreamt of visiting and he wanted to go with me. Unfortunately, we couldn't get permission to enter Tibet, so that's why we decided to go to Nepal together. The first night of the trip, I felt sympathy for my mother. Why? Because I couldn't understand how my father could snore so incredibly loud. When we arrived at Kathmandu (Nepal's capital), the weather was good, but I couldn't breathe normally due to the air pollution. Although I have been to poor countries such as Cambodia, and the Philippines, the poverty of Nepal was much worse. Also, I was nervous, as I thought that there were probably thieves there. So we moved to Pokhara earlier than planned. Pokhara is the city every trekker who wants to visit Annapurna base camp has to stop over at to prepare for the trek. On the second day, our trekking started with a travel guide KC and porter Sam Bo. It was not hard to hike up the mountain because we only walked 5 to 7 hours each day. Every 30 minutes, we arrived at a small village where we could take a rest and drink beer or vodka. Actually, my father and I rarely have a chance to talk to each other because he is so busy and we live apart. I think it is the same situation for many other YU students. From eating to sleeping, we did everything together on the mountain. I told him what I wanted to do after I graduated, and he told me about his company, and about his life before I was born including at least one surprising secret. Unfortunately, we couldn't see anything of the Himalayas due to bad weather, and we couldn't go to Annapurna base camp. However, I came to know how my father loved me, and he gave me advice for how I should lead my life. Despite traveling thousands of kilometers to Nepal and not seeing Annapurna, it was my best ever travel experience. The reason being I had a great time with my father and I learned about him and from him.

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